March 24 05

so, as good of a day as yesterday was (remember the size 2 jeans?), today is gearing up to be a bad, bad day. not as bad as this poor guy’s, but bad.

we thought the boy had an ear infection because he kept grabbing his right ear and screaming, “my ear hurts.” so, the husband took him to the doctor and turns out that he does NOT have an ear infection, he just has an abundance of wax build-up (ew) so he took some sort of contraption and extracted the wax (ew ew) – just like Shrek, who then made a candle with his 🙂

so, we thought we were in the clear. he was fine all evening yesterday. We went with our friends Matt and Michele to see “The Ring Two” (more about that to come…) and then the husband left to play hockey. just as Survivor (more about that to come too!) was finishing i hear the boy screaming in agony. this was at about 10:50. i brought him into my bed where he continued to scream until 1:30, when the husband came home from hockey and took over Josh-duty.

argh. he didn’t fall asleep again until 8:00 this morning! so, needless to say, we are tired this morning. very, very tired.


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