May 15 06

let’s discuss Grey’s Anatomy first, shall we (and then we’ll get to the fact that it was Aras who won and NOT Danielle as predicted. hmmm…fancy that. they were wrong again)

~~oh my freakin’ god, Izzy. she’s gone batshit insane. say goodbye to both Denny AND your career as a surgeon. i was actually YELLING at my tv.
~~loved Addison’s blowout. she’s totally right. the only people who don’t know that Derek loves Meredith ARE Derek and Meredith. i heart Addison for the first time ever.
~~oh yes, we get it. McDog=McDreamy.
~~mmm…i’m so turned on by angry McDreamy. yum.
~~thank god that last night was not the season finale…because, seriously? my nerves couldn’t handle an entire summer of waiting. Burke? why did they have to go and shoot Burke? when he was coming back to help Izzy?? where’s the justice in that?
~~Bailey continues to

okay…on to Survivor.
~~what happened to Aras? he looked soooo much better all scruffy and skinny. last night he looked all bloated and bad. so did Nick.
~~loved: “Aras, I’m just so used to writing your name down.”
~~okay. Shane? he looked like he was on the express train to Hogwarts. what the hell was with those sleeves? and that hair?
~~was i the only one who laughed when Aras fell and had to get stitches on day 39???
~~i think the final immunity challenge was NOT at all fair. they set it up so that Danielle would be in the final 2. she was obviously going to win that task.
~~I’m glad Cerie won the car. and she looked beautiful last night.

i’ll get to Sopranos shortly….my goodness i watched a hell of a lot of tv last night….


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