August 9 05

last night we ordered the movie Hide and Seek off our pay per view. the boy has a bad cold so we set our PVR to tape it in case we needed to stop the movie if he woke up.

naturally, the same thing that happens EVERY SINGLE TIME we watch a movie, happened. The phone began ringing off the hook, and i have a serious problem with telling someone up front that i’m in the middle of the a movie (this drives the husband batty), so i’m quite thankful for the pause button on the PVR.

then, just as the movie started to get good, following a pretty scary obligatory scary movie blackout basement scene, we had a blackout of our own. just our street. the streets behind us and in front of us had power. i feel like it’s always our street. sooo annoying. and it was out for almost 3 hours!

of course, i started freaking out that we were going to lose everything in the fridge, and that we were going to sweat to death. but, what i failed to realize was that we weren’t going to be able to see the end of the movie.

do you think if we call Rogers they will let us order it for free? most likely not, right?


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