April 12 05

~~Well, my friend Gilda had a baby girl this morning – a week late – and without ANY medication – crazy girl!! I’m very excited! And I was right about the sex…and i’m NEVER right! yay!

~~The boy has woken up dry every morning for the last 5 mornings. i’m debating whether or not to try him in underwear at night. it’s funny because with the girl she wore pullups to bed for ONE night and then it was underwear from then on. but, with him i’m hesitant.

~~I DID NOT watch the bachelor last night. i resisted and i’m so happy i did it. instead i did one of my new awesome pregnancy exercise videos. Go Me!!

~~My kids have been watching Toy Story 2 over and over again since Sunday. I should be happy – i don’t have to watch spy kids 3, Ella Enchanted or New York Minute anymore…but there’s only so much I can take….

~~my big ‘ole belly. in case you care to see.

~~we picked up my car from the shop yesterday. of course, he couldn’t find anything wrong with it. of course. we are still replacing it asap. and as we were driving out of the place….my rearview mirror just popped off. so, instead of getting it fixed, the husband is making me drive around – WITHOUT A REARVIEW MIRROR. insanity.


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