September 10 04

Check out the book, “New York as a Second Launguage” by Molly Katz. It will give you a thorough linguistics lesson and teach you how to walk, talk, and survive in the big apple.

Phraseology like:

“Gahed,” as in “Be my guest.” . . . “Samatta?” as in, “I said something wrong?” . . . “Kagofa,” which is Berlitz Neyawk for “I kagofa some pizza.” . . . “Nome sane?” To such one can only reply, “Yes, I know what you are saying.” . . . “Awhat.” It is a colloquialism which might succeed a phrase like, “Is this coffee lousy awhat?” And of course what everyone says on Fridays: “Hava gaweekin.” (this paragraph was lifted in good faith from Cindy Adams, New York gossip queen)


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