October 20 04

Curt Schilling said this three years ago when he spoke about the New York Yankees. He said that pinstripes and tradition are not enough to intimidate teams into losing. And the red sox proved just that last night with a suprise 4-2 win to force a game 7 in this series. I’m still in shock. I never thought this was possible.

I think what even more shocking than the actual win, however, were the two controversial calls during the game that both ruled in favor of the sox (I would have thought the opposite would happen). I missed the first one, but apparantly, Bellhorn hit a home run and it bounced off a fan and landed in the field, and was originally ruled a ground rule double, before it was correctly changed to a three-run homer that made the score 4-0. The other five umpires all said it was a homer.

Then in the 8th inning, Alex Rodriguez hit a ball between the mound and first. As the pitcher ran towards first base, A-Rod slapped his hand and forced him to drop the ball.

As Boston first baseman Kevin Millar so eloquently put it, “That’s against the rules. If you want to play football, strap on some pads and go play for the Green Bay Packers.”

The umps came out and huddled on the field, discussed the play, and then called Rodriguez out for interference and sent Jeter back to first.

Man, what a night. I have zero tolerance for baseball during the regular season, but I can appreciate it during the psot-season, and now I’m appreciating it more than ever. Baseball is actually exciting these days!

  1. My wife is actually really into this series (it helps that I’ve been watching all the games rooting for Boston – which sort of forces her to watch too). She asked last night if this was considered a tense game for baseball. I said, oh yeah – you don’t get many nail biters like this one. At that point she realized she was so nervous she was biting her nails. She’s so cute!

    I didn’t see the first call either, I was driving home from work, but the announcers called a homerun then said the ump called it a ground rule double. I was happy when they reversed it.

    I was fuming over A-Rod’s cheating. Especially fuming over the fans’ reaction to the correct call. Talk about poor sports. I imagine if Boston makes even more history tonight there’ll be a riot in New York. I just hope Boston gives the Yanks their own version of Game 3 drubbing.

    Comment by Sean on October 20, 2004
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