August 3 04

…look at me…in a nutshell…(had to throw some Austin Powers in there. See, i told you, there’s an Austin Powers quote for every situation…)

whew. i’m pooped. long weekends are great because i don’t have to go to work and i get to spend an extra day at home with my husband and my kids. But, they sure are tiring.

We rewarded ourselves on Sunday night and Monday night by going to friends for dinner – without kids! What a pleasure. Not having to chase the kids around to get them to sit down to eat. Not having to worry about the time because we want to make sure we get the kids to bed. Not having to miss complete conversations because the kids are screaming in my ears.

It was quite nice. I got a little drunk on sunday night (you know you have no tolerance when you get drunk off of ONE beer and shot of Kahlua that you nursed for about 30 minutes before finally finishing it), played a little trivial pursuit (and WON – even though our hosts will argue because we didn’t actually finish the game, but we were ahead when the game ended, and that counts in my book).

On Monday we went to the waterpark at Canada’s Wonderland with our friends who also have season passes. (as a side note, the next time you see Gav, ask him to see his wonderland pass – he thinks his picture makes him look like Frankenstein. it’s hysterical!) We had a great time – it was so hot, like 95 degrees, so it was a perfect day to spend at a water park.

I must say, though, that there are certain people out there (you know who you are…or maybe you don’t…) who should NOT be wearing bikinis. I’m all for people being comfortable with their bodies and kudos to them for not feeling too self conscious to go out in a bathing suit (like i am…even though i did wear my bikini for the first time in canada…woo hoo…go me…), but come on people, for the sake of other people, if you are lopping out the sides of the bathing suit, and if your stomach is hanging over your bikini bottom, wear some sort of cover-up. please.

I don’t know how Gav and Uri managed to get completely sunburnt head to toe, and i got NO color. nothing. nada. zilch. the big “O”. What’s wrong with me? I didn’t tan, I didn’t burn. i spent the entire day in the sun in nothing but a bikini and have NOTHING to show for it. I would almost prefer the burn. Well, maybe not.


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