December 21 05

okay…over the last year i have experiemented with about 17 different mascaras.
all experiments end the same way. me with goopy eyelashes. me throwing mascara in garbage can.

i thought, obviously, the more expensive it is…the better.
so, i bought a $35 dollar tube. big mistake. it was awful.
then i figured that since i love MAC make-up so much, their mascara has to be good. wrong.
then i went back to my roots. the first mascara i ever tried was maybelline great lash that i swiped from my sister. bought one of those. maybe it’s maybelline? maybe not.
then i tried loreal’s voluminous mascara. no. and no.
then i tried Cover Girl’s triple mascara. this one may have been the worst of all.

anyone know if there’s a shopping bags episode on mascara??? i could use it.
aha. found it.
they tried 4:
Maybelline Great Lash Cost: $4.99
Revlon’s Lash Fantasy with primer Cost: $9.49
Body Shop Cost: $13
Lancôme Flextencil Cost: $28

Overall Results
The Revlon may have stayed on the best in watery situations but we didn’t like the idea of an extra step of applying a primer first – when it didn’t seem to have any noticeable benefits.

Lancôme was the winner for looks and application – all of us agreed that it had the best brush.
But when we found out the Lancôme was six times the price of the Maybelline we couldn’t justify that it was six times better, so all of us girls switched to the Maybelline mascara to get the job done.

cripes. now i’m back where i started. they like one that i despise.

anyone have any suggestions? please?


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