January 24 05

i’m still laughing. oh, John, you are soo hot. but, so very dumb.

where were Mike and Edie?

There’s way too much creepiness on Wisteria Lane….Paul, Zack, George…everyone’s just a little too creepy for my tastes these days. heeby-jeebies up the wazoo. and i don’t get it…did zack kill Dana? if he did, why did paul tell him that he didn’t? and if he didn’t, why did Paul tell Susan that he did?

oh…i love Ryan O’Neal!

was gabrielle eating out of the peanut butter jar supposed to be a hint to us that she’s pregnant?

Susan’s gone a little nutty. why is she shocked that her daughter is kissing a boy (albeit an escaped mental patient…) she discusses her love life with Julie all the time.

And Kansas? Dust in the Wind? come on…what 14 year old would even know who kansas is? it’s a tie for lame-ass oldie with last week’s OC when Ryan and Lindsay were getting hot and heavy to Open Arms….

good episode!!!

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