July 5 04

~~”Kevin is a good person for Britney if she’s looking for stability.” So says Britney’s aunt Diane Story. Yeah, stable is the first word I think of when I think of a guy who left his pregnant girlfriend to go frolicking around the globe with Britney Spears. Stable. Yes.

~~The word on the street is that Keira Knightley, who looks ever so much like Natalie Portman, actually played Queen Amidala’s handmaiden decoy in Star Wars Episode I. Funny. And when I checked out imdb.com for confirmation, it lists Sophia Coppola in a cameo role as one of the other handmaidens.

~~I guess people will have to wait for the DVD version of “A Home at the End of the World” to see Colin Farrell’s lucky charms. Apparently, his nude scene was too “distracting” for test audiences, who were rumored to have gasped at seeing the size of the Irish star’s full monty.


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