August 26 05

so, last night i fed Isabella at 8:30, and then not again until 2:15. she’s seriously spoiling me! i searched desperately to find something good to watch at 2 am – something that would keep me alert during the feeding.

i stumbled upon the movie Beaches…and stayed up until 4 to watch the entire thing. my baby was fast asleep by 3..possibly even before…but i couldn’t go back to sleep.

Beaches was the first movie i saw i theater without parents. it was the first movie that made me cry. it was the first movie that i bought the soundtrack to. when i was 12, Beaches was the be all and end all for me. i even somehow covinced my dad to spend lots of money to buy me a pirated copy before it came out on video. my god i loved that movie.

so i just couldn’t fall asleep. i just had to watch until the end. i was nervous that the husband might wake up and see me sitting up in bed next to my sleeping newborn, crying my eyes out. but he didn’t. and he wouldn’t have remembered this morning anyway. just like he didn’t remember frantically telling me that he needed one of the posters on our 4-poster bed. weirdo 🙂

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