August 26 04

So…I said I wasn’t going to watch, but i did anyway…as usual.
hubby was out playing baseball and I was home alone with nothing to do – a rare occurance around here. So, i watched HBO’s new show, Entourage.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though it seems the critics are split on whether or not they like this new Mark Wahlberg produced male-bonding show.

The best thing about the show is Jeremy Piven, who I’ve always thought was f#$%ing amazing in everything he’s been in, except maybe his short stint on Ellen Degeneres’ show, “Ellen.” I mean, he was in Say Anything and Lucas 🙂 He grew up in Chicago and he lived with John Cusack. He will always be good in my book. And there’s something adorably sexy about him too. (take that, Giblet, he doesn’t look like a woman!)

I highly recommend.


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