December 21 15

Sometimes I learn important life lessons in the unlikeliest of places.

For example, I have learned that you really need to understand how to translate menus or else you will find yourself in Paris eating brains. Thanks, Donna Martin. And I have learned that you can be small and mighty from my pal Tinkerbell. And Fievel Mouskewitz. And I learned how to properly wear khaki (AND how to do the Freddy) from Troop Beverly Hills.

Recently, I learned a very important life lesson from Claire Danes.

{And no, it has nothing to do with getting over Jordan Catalano and rocking out to Blister In The Sun. Okay, most a little bit.}


It was this quote right here, from an interview she did with Allure:

“I know some of the most beautiful women on the planet—unequivocally, objectively friggin’ gorgeous—and they are rife with insecurity and self-doubt, and you just think, ‘Well, how can that be?'” She shrugs. ‘I’m attractive enough. I can do the work I want to do. I’ve found this wonderful man who wants to make out with me. I’m good.”

I read this a few weeks ago.

And then I bookmarked it.

And then I went back to read it. Over and over and over.

And then I printed it out and put it on my cubicle wall at work.

Because my goodness, she’s right. I have been stressing about these eight pounds that I can’t lose since starting this new medication—but I need to stop. I know I need to stop. Because I am taking care of my body for the first time in a long time — you should see how many squats I curse my way through each week. Because my two impressionable daughters (and my son too!) can see my self-doubt and they can hear my whining and they watch me in front of the mirror. Because this new medication? Saved me.

Because *I* am attractive enough. Because *I* can do the work I want to do. Because *I’ve* found a wonderful man who wants to make out with me. Because I’m good. 

So, this is a big goal for me in 2016.

To be more like Claire Danes.

I might even dye my hair Crimson Glow.


  1. I love that quote! I need to print it out too….and find that man who wants to make out with me. 🙂

    Comment by Kristabella on December 22, 2015

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