September 8 05

okay…with the OC premiering tonight, i suddenly realized i have no idea when anything starts this season. I’ve been so anxiously awaiting the return of my favorites all summer long, and it’s finally september.

here’s what i’m looking forward to this season:
Desperate Housewives (9/25)
Grey’s Anatomy (9/25)
Family Guy (9/11)

The Amazing Race (9/27)

The Apprentice: Martha Stewart (9/21)

Survivor (9/15)
The O.C. (9/8)
The Apprentice (9/22)

i can’t yet get too excited about some of the new shows coming out like “how i met your mother” and “reunion” i’m sure i’ll most likely give several of them a try, but they might suck so badly that i can’t quite get excited for their debuts.

what are y’all looking forward to? any new shows you think will be good?


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