December 12 05

~~I’m so thrilled that Danni won. now she can afford to buy a sandwich. and i loved when she said that Steph and Rafe were the reasons that they were all on the jury.

~~this was the most incredibly boring three hours i think i have ever watched…the jury was boring, the trip down memory lane was boring as hell…by the way, who’s brooke? or morgan? or brianna? they are all the same to me…

~~i think judd’s a big ole ass, but when he called out Stephenie for always eating…right then, at that moment, i wanted to plant a big ole kiss on him. but, danni, skating? seriously? that was weak.

~~i actually liked Cindy’s “Who wouldn’t you want on the jury?” question, but Stephenie gave a really crappy answer. Cindy should have pressed her for a better answer.

~~and why did Cindy still have a mustache at the reunion?

~~oh…i loved Amy. and i still love me some bobby jon. and i doubt that it was teh jungle that made Jamie nuts. i think he does that all on his own.

~~and why is it that both danni and steph looked better in guatemala? they both looked like crap. and danni’s lips? grody.

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