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As the child of  busy and hard-working parents, I spent a lot of my childhood (and my adulthood too, of course) watching movies and television. And it was almost always a learning experience. For example, I learned to count in Spanish and that llamas go to the dentist from Sesame Street. I learned about fish funerals from The Cosby Show. I learned about, um, interpersonal relationships from All My Children. I learned about books from Reading Rainbow. I learned annoying catchphrases from Full House (How rude!) and I learned math from The Price is Right.

And also this guy.

Oh yes, many kids learned their times tables in school, I learned mine — at least my 9s — from Edward James Olmos.

This hasn’t changed now that I’m a parent. My kids learned about animals from The Kratt Brothers and to count in Spanish from Dora The Explorer and about annoying catchphrases from Full House (Cut. It. Out!) and they learned math from The Price is Right.

And also this guy.

I truly believe that there’s lots of learning that happens outside of the classroom.

And my kids are luckier than I was. We just had the plain old television set. You know the one…the one that was actually attached to the wooden box it came in. When I needed supplemental help in math it came in the form of boring old flashcards and workbooks. But my kids are so much luckier now—they have everything at their fingertips. They have ipads and tablets and phones and ipod touches and all the apps you can dream of.

I remember a few years ago Emily was upset because she couldn’t find a ruler to complete her math homework. So we simply googled a ruler, printed one up and BAM! homework complete. You couldn’t do that when I was in elementary school.

I’m excited to be partnering with Mathletics over the next few months and to be able to offer you 20% off your home subscription purchase.  Click on the image below to redeem this amazing deal.


Because learning that happens outside of the classroom? I’m a big fan. Mathletics is an award winning online mathematics program. It’s used  by over 5 million students worldwide. The program includes learning activities for grades K-12, including live math challenges, interactive activities, timetables tunes, and additional instructional videos.

Not familiar? I’m guessing your children might be — ask them! When I asked Isabella her entire face lit up. About math. About a subject she often struggles with. I KNOW.  “We use Mathletics at school! We can compete against other kids in my class. And you can get points and you can buy accessories and backgrounds. Boring old math isn’t so boring.”

I’m excited that my kids have Mathletics to help them learn — and be more excited about— math. But I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to teach them about the llamas and the dentist myself.


{As part of my partnership with Mathletics, I was compensated for this post. But all opinions, thoughts, words, and attempts at humor are my own, as always.}


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