February 14 05

wow. today was a highly productive day for me.
at 8:15 this morning i was downtown at the US consulate filing a consular report of birth abroad for my two kids. apparently, if you claim their US citizenship and file taxes in the US, the government will give you money. so, we figure since we want them to have the citizenship anyway, why not give it a try? if we get free money, hey, it’s free money, and if we don’t, we lose nothing.

I also visited my OB for a short, but sweet, 15 week appointment. Everything with the baby is good, it was nice to hear the hearbeat, and i’ve gained a total of 6 1/4 pounds (with my boots on, mind you) according to the offical Rosenthal scale. not bad for 15 weeks.

I also got my hair CHOPPED. You hear that? cut completely off. my colorist told me that i was drowning in so much hair, and that i’m such a little girl that i need something new and fresh. so, i went for the “sex kitten” cut. i’m not 100% sold, but i’ve gotten nothing but compliments on it (even from the receptionist at my OB’s office!) – so i think it’s starting to grow on me. but i feel naked somehow.


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