February 4 05

the OC

~ lovin’ Lindsey – “Right. ‘Cuz there’s no music in Chino.” Best. Shout-out. Ever.

~ okay. mixed feelings about Sir Sandy. the good – he told Rebecca he had “two sons” without any explanation. love that. aw. the bad – he is harboring a fugitive and he lied to Kirsten. !!

~ Major Summer and Seth chemistry. loved that. “Bobble-head geek with a size 27 waist”

~ woot. Marissa and her magic flask. this comic book idea may not be as dorky as i’d thought…

~ Seth uses the force to answer the phone. way too much star wars reference in this episode…they should have gotten Mark Hamill to guest star.

the Apprentice

Verna…oh Verna. what. a. dumbass. there’s just nothing more to say about that…Chris is a loon. Michael’s an ass. Danny’s a bigger ass (hello? bringing an exempt guy into the boardroom…can we say ‘sealing your own fate?’). Erin’s a scary Elvira (she needs to be shaved bald…). Three weeks in a row Donald Trump gets it right. this may turn into a good season after all (even though i don’t think there’s a single person qualified to actually win this thing…but it should be entertaining…)

  1. the boardroom is so much better than last year. did you notice there was little to no voice overage (if that’s a word) in there this week. the other idiot thing danny did – did he really think that girl (is it stephanie?) was going to be fired – she saved his ass by finding the planning guys. as you said, talk about sealing one’s fate!!!

    Comment by chisparoja on February 4, 2005
  2. i knew he wouldn’t last long…can you imagine someone who looks like that working for the Donald?

    Comment by Ali on February 4, 2005
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