February 11 05

are you surprised??
i actually barely got to watch my shows because i was cooking all evening.

Sandy, oh Sandy. The right choice would have been a goodbye to Rebecca on the phone, and a nice romantic Valentine’s Day dinner with Kirsten. and that kiss can only be bad for the Cohens.

poor Seth. “Yeah, I’m okay, I’m just having an allergic reaction to the universe.” The chemistry between summer and seth is awesome. it’s about time someone has some chemistry because…let’s see…ryan and lindsay – nope, seth and alex – nope, summer and zach – nada, marissa and alex – once again…no.

best line of the night: Julie: “When I was in Europe, I did some soul-searching…”
Marissa: “I hope you didn’t hurt yourself.” – bwah.

the color of money scene with Ryan and Caleb. meh. didn’t do it for me. when did Ryan become so lame?

bring back Jimmy please!


all righty, folks. listen here, John is a ticking-time bomb with anger issues, but he is not a homosexual. you hear that, Mr. Trump? “I’m not a homosexual.” but, clearly, a homophobe.

what can i say? both teams sucked ass this week. i’m not sure which is worse – soft-core porn or all-out nastiness?

The Donald was right to fire Kirsten. She was a bee-yotch from the beginning and she needed to be fired. Trump is 4 for 4 in my books. am i the only one who thinks that John looks way too much like Vince Vaughan?

the funny thing is that had either team just staying in the box and gone for something that took place…um…i don’t know…IN A SHOWER perhaps…when this stuff is actually used…they would have won.

  1. Yes. Kristin was a biatch. Did you notice how her whole face trembled while donnie deutsch was watching the commercials? She sucked. And John does totally look like vince vaughn who I think is hot!

    Bein as I work in advertising I was so shocked and stunned at how HORRIBLE both commercials were

    Comment by Aitch on February 11, 2005
  2. i completely agree. it’s one thing to think “outside” the box – it’s another to be so rebellious that your commercial has nothing to do with your product.

    Comment by chisparoja on February 11, 2005
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