August 13 04

Last night i went to Gav’s baseball game. i was running around all afternoon and pretty much forgot to drink anything. so, on my way to the game, i downed 2 1/2 bottles of water. needless to say, by the time i got to the field, i had to pee like a racehorse (however they have to pee…:)). I PEED IN THE BUSHES!! I’m so embarrassed that i had to do this in front of a whole bunch of guys, but the way i see it, it was much more sanitary than using their public bathrooms.

So, the other team didn’t show up and they called the game at 9:15. a few of their guys showed up a while later and they decided to play – just for fun, and they let me play! I was up to bat three times and hit the ball all three times. I only got on base once out of those three times, but i was pretty impressed with myself anyway. I haven’t played baseball since the old school – Academy intramurals in 1996 – the snatches…no joke…that’s really what we were called…ah the good ole days.

**as a side note…Just One of the Guys is a movie from the 80’s that i have seen about 100 times. it is the ultimate in cheese and really isn’t a very good movie. but if you haven’t seen it, i recommend checking it out – if for nothing else than to see William Zabka in his bad-boy heyday. He’s Johnny from Karate Kid. I think he may have been my first crush when i was about 9. i even had a picture of him hanging on my door that i had ripped out of Bop magazine.


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