January 17 06

so…we are in mont tremblant. the husband’s whole family. well, minus debbie. poor debbie.
im having a great time actually. much better than i expected. because im not a great traveler. because i had to bring the bella. because skiing scares me.

but, on sunday we drove to montreal and surprised my mother in law for her 60th birthday. she thought that it was just jack taking her 9( and she really wasn’t pleased about it) but we put isabella in the doorway and knocked on the door. she was soooo shocked. it was so nice because these days it’s so hard to actually surprise someone.

so…bella’s been an angel. i got to watch grey’s on sunday night…my snark will come tomorrow. and i got to watch the golden globes last night….my snark with come about that tomorrow, since my time in the internet cafe is almost up….i got to ski this morning. going up the lift, i didn’t think i would survive…but i think i did awesome…if i do say so myself…eventhough it’s freakin -16 degrees (yikes) and i lost a contact in the snow (now the one eyed willie reference makes sense….).

im now taking a break to rest my knees and have a coffee. i will be back tomorrow. as long as i dont kill meself skiing. wish me luck!!

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