December 15 04

…you’re team number 2! take that…ass!

Okay, lots of good things to write about last night’s episode of the Amazing Race.
Firstly, Kendra (“they just keep breeding”) and Rebecca (“no wonder they escaped from Africa”) have really got to learn how to keep their mouths shut. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Bolo – what’s there to say about Bolo? Eating the raw sausage meat? and leaving some dangling from this lip? I’m not sure i’ve ever seen anything quite as disturbingly endearing as that!

My love grows stronger for my Phil, who got to wear a new hat last night, psychologist – “Jonathan, i think you need to talk to Victoria” Yes, I agree, instead of trying to justify your hideous actions to Phil (and the cameras), you had better go and talk to your sobbing wife….

I’m still loving Hayden and Aaron and Jon and Kris the best, but last night I was also loving Gus and Hera – probably because Gus kept his clothing on, the scene in Africa was quite touching, and Gus trying to sneak some beer (“i’m just getting my pack…) was hilarious.

Okay, and Jonathan going nutty on Adam for following them? awesome. Could you see the vein throbbing in his neck???

I’m sorry to see Don and MJ leave. They were a great team. and kudos to them for NOT begging for money from locals in Africa. and kudos to the other teams for helping them out. They probably all realized that don and mary jean were most likely the next to go anyway, so helping them out wasn’t really a threatening move.

can’t wait for next week…as usual 🙂
i love this show!

  1. One of the best quotes from last night – when Bolo got all seventh grade at the airport b/c one team bought tickets for the other team and he more or less says let’s take this outside and she says, “Nobody’s fighting. Just because you’re 5’5″ and on steroids…”


    And Jonathan — I can’t even begin. He yells at poor Victoria no matter what – she wants to ask directions from the cab driver – he yells at her not to – then they get lost so he yells at her some more – then he’s too weak to carry his own pack so he yells at her some more – then another team passes them and he PUSHES her!! Excuse me?!! Can they kick him off for abuse of his wife??!!

    It’s sickens us to watch him. I feel like writing a letter to CBS begging them to protect poor Victoria! Some women need help breaking away from abusive husbands.

    Comment by chisparoja on December 15, 2004

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