September 1 04

and that means that it’s back to school time!!

I love everything about back-to-school….even now, when i am no longer going back to school.

I love buying school supplies and new fall clothing.
I love the feel of a new daily planner and notebooks that haven’t been written in yet.
I love the idea of starting something new. Of going back to school and seeing all my friends and catching up.

I’m such a tool.

In keeping with today’s theme, here’s a quote from “Back to School”

Thornton Melon : What’s your favorite subject?
Bubbles: Poetry.
Thornton Melon : Really? Well, maybe you can help me straighten out my Longfellow.

Now that i’m no longer a student, even though i’m sending my little baby off to school next week, i can get excited about my other favorite thing about September:


shows i’m looking forward to seeing their season premieres:

as a side note – the Sopranos would be my #1, but since it’s not starting for another five hundred years, i won’t add it to my list.

1) Gilmore Girls – come on people. Little Rory has lost her virginity – WITH A MARRIED MAN – i am dying that they’ve left me hanging all summer!

2) The West Wing – i know, i know, this show has seriously gone downhill and the whole Donna fiasco…come on….but, it’s a guilty pleasure for me. something about josh lyman just makes me smile…

3) The OC and One Tree Hill – yes, i’ve lumped them together. beautiful people hooking up with all sorts of other good looking people makes for really entertaining tv.

4) Survivor and the Amazing Race 6 – Yes, I still watch them, and yes, i do think they are still fantastic!

5) The Apprentice – “You’re Fired.” god I love that show.

Honorable mentions…Scrubs, Everybody Loves Raymond and Arrested Development. great shows. And I’m really liking Entourage these days.

shows i wish they would take off the air:

1) ER – i know i will get flogged for this one – most of my friends are serious die-hard fans, but face it, the moment Mark Green died, this show seriously jumped the shark. And if this was real life people, this ER would have been shut down a long time ago – it’s a biohazard if i ever saw one!

2) The Bachelor – let’s face it – it sucks. Haven’t the producers realized that not one bachelor has stayed with his pick??? There are no Ryan and Tristas on the Bachelor. Give it the axe already.

3) CSI Miami – David Caruso just can’t pull it off – he’s extremely irritating. Even though i can appreciate that one of the guys on the show was Slater in Dazed and Confused (which gets at least a 20-second giggle out of me), it’s still not enough to make this show worth watching.

4) 7th Heaven – please, oh please, put the Camden clan out of their misery

5) Big Brother – – – do i really need to explain this one???

  1. I do have to agree that I’m looking forward to another season of the Amazing Race and Survivor but I have to admit I can rarely make it to stay up to watch AR5 as it is! I’m really looking forward to Alias! Can’t wait!

    I’ll agree on The Bachelor with you. Being a long time fan and having watched most every season, it’s now getting old that NO ONE stays together! And then I just saw a preview that they are going to have two bachelors that the girls will pick from?! Just let it end. I do want to watch The Bachelorette because Jen from The Bachelor season with Andrew is on. But then, let it die!

    Comment by Anonymous on September 1, 2004
  2. Scrubs should get more than an honourable mention – it’s HYSTERICAL. I actually spent a whole 1/2 hour last night laughing OUT LOUD at the premier. It’s so so funny. Arrested Development is also great, but I heard that it’s cancelled – could just be a rumour. As for CSI Miami and Big Brother – Blah, I say. BLAH!!!

    Comment by Anonymous on September 1, 2004
  3. (oops! that last message was mine – i forgot to sign it – from matin)

    Comment by Anonymous on September 1, 2004
  4. First and foremost, I think I have to clarify that I’d be one of your international readers (I’m from Singapore). So I was inadvertently spoiled re Gilmore Girls. Not your fault though. Just my bad luck. 😉

    I agree with you on ER. My first reaction when you mentioned ER was: ER is still on?!CSI Miami is boring. I think I only enjoy the original series. And I LOVE Amazing Race. I think it should go on forever. 😉

    Happy going back to school! 🙂

    ~ restlessly

    Comment by Anonymous on September 2, 2004
  5. Gilmore Girls – No-more Girls – please!

    The West Wing – isn’t there a 2 term limit for US Presidents? – tv’s most over-rated show

    The OC and One Tree Hill – gag/yack

    Survivor and the Amazing Race 6 – deja vous – put these puppies to bed

    The Apprentice – “You’re Boring.”

    Scrubs, Arrested Development, Entourage – are these even real shows? Who has time to watch all this crap?

    Comment by Giblet on September 2, 2004

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