June 6 05

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Season 2 of Entrouage started last night, and as far as i can tell, it’s the second best thing to come out of HBO (second only to the great, great Sopranos….oh, Sopranos, come back to me soon!).

The boys are back in LA after spending 3 months filming the indie film, Queens Boulevard, instead of the big budget, Matterhorn. But, now Ari (ah….i’m feelin’ the Piven love – – – except there’s something weird going on with his eyebrows…) has got a new big-budget film for Vince, Aquaman (it’s Spiderman, under water!).

i was very, very disappointed to see that E had stayed with Kristen. ew. she’s so super nasty. And where’s Emily? i really hope they haven’t made the horrible decision to not bring her back. i loved her. (and not only because she was on the OC)

loved the H&H shout-out, and the Johnny Drama drama (ha! what’s with the giant apple in the background?!). it’s a good show. i’m so glad that it’s back.


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