July 4 05

So, last night we threw a big ole’ bash for my father in law’s 60th birthday. i thought it turned out really great in the end…so all the work really paid off.

Truth be told, i didn’t do THAT much (although losing my husband to all the bbq’ing – – – 75 pieces of chicken and 60 steaks…counts just as much) – i spent 3 hours making a cd that had music from the 60’s on it (it was a 60’s themed party – and i promise i will post pics when they are uploaded – i was just too wiped last night), i made 30 hasselback potatoes and chocolate chip cookies.

my inlaws – who i’ve only known with salt and pepper-y hair (more salt and less pepper) – dyed their hair and beard (my father in law’s bead, not my mother in law’s…ha!) black. it was hysterical. definitely the highlight of the evening.

the lowlight of the evening, however, were the mosquitoes that came out with a vengeance at about 9 o’clock, and needless to say, i was eaten alive.

and then this morning, on my drive to work, i see a pesky little mosquito in my car. a stowaway from last night. yikes! and i couldn’t catch it. I just sat in traffic, watching it fly around the inside of my windshield.

and now i’m itchy as hell.

  1. the scabs may not be all caesud by his scratching.it may be mange, a microscopic parasite that lives beneath the skin. my dog had the same thing, they can contract it by meeting another dog who has it, its very contagious between dogs, it the dog form of scabies i guess, but it doesn’t transfer to humans.take him to the vet and they’ll take a skin scrape and check for teh nasty pests.

    Comment by Fata on February 8, 2012

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