February 22 05

the goods:
Carrie Underwood – love her. even if she did sing tiffany.
Nadia Turner – she was rockin’ last night.
Mikalah – i admit the babs/fram drescher vibe is slightly grating, but there’s something about her i love
Aloha – i hate to say it, but she was pretty good. and, might i add, i HATE beyonce…

the mehs:
Sarah Mather – feh. she reminds me of the noxzema girl (you know, the one who married Dylan on 90210), but she was weird and clumsy last night.
Vonzell – definitely not her best. flat and more flat. but she’s a mailman who wears mismatched shoes. i still like her.
Jessica – she was okay. can’t say i’m loving the lingerie…
Amanda – she might be pretty, but her singing was pretty bad.

the bads:
Janay – her shaking was utterly disturbing. as was her singing.
Celena – blandy blandy bland bland. and it did help that you followed Nadia.
Lindsay – a little less self-fondling next time, sweetheart.
Melinda – um. no sweetheart. buh-bye.
Simon – — wanting to be Amanda’s microphone?! i don’t even get it…

and did anyone else catch Constantine’s hair flip-slash-take half my jacket off when they introduced the “dawg pound” ? what was up with that?
and why does Paula always tell everyone that they look so pretty?


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