June 11 14

This is story that ends well, which is the only reason it is getting told.

To remind you — and me — that there are good people in this world, even when our news is filled with senseless and sickening school shootings. 74 since Sandy Hook, 74 too many.

One night this week, after I had already changed out of my business chic (read: sundress) and fancy heels (read: flip flops) into my flannel doughnut jammies, I heard my husband’s car alarm. Now, he has been having somewhat of a Walter White VS THE FLY kind of time dealing with this car alarm. It just goes off randomly, without any rhyme or reason, usually when he’s inconveniently nowhere near his car keys. So, I just laughed all Here we go again and went back to season 7 of Family Ties and worried about how my growing-out-my-bangs process is at a very Elyse Keaton stage right now.

But then the doorbell rang.

Our keys had been found, still attached to mailbox #2B. Children who remain nameless (for their own protection) had gone to get the mail from the communal neighborhood mailbox earlier in the day and in the flurry of excitement over flyers and bills, somehow returned home without my keys.

This random neighbor found them and used the car alarm to locate which house housed people who (are dumb enough to) leave their keys dangling willy nilly our of mailboxes. Turns out that the car alarm led the good samaritan to US.

Luckily, no one found it and used the car key(s) to steal one (or both) of our cars.

Luckily, no one found it and used the house key to, well, I don’t even want to think about it because I only finally convinced my children that the basement isn’t a place where murderers wait to get them.

Luckily, my neighbor is good, good people.

Luckily for the unsuspecting people behind me in the Starbucks drive-thru too. 


Also, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be getting the mail from now on.


  1. Yay for good neighbours! That could have turned out so terribly poorly. I assume the children involved feel sufficiently chastised?

    Of course, I have gone to bed after leaving the house keys in the front door, so who am I to talk!


    Comment by Deborah / Mom2Michael on June 11, 2014
  2. When we first moved into our house, I was leaving my keys in the door constantly. Seriously, within the first six months at least six times. However, we have a pretty good neighbourhood and a very, very dark porch. So they were safe and so were we.


    Comment by Maryann on June 11, 2014
  3. I remember having to use the car alarm to find my mom’s car once. We had gone to Steeplechase, and she and my dad had spent a good part of the day drinking with their friends. When it was time to leave, she couldn’t remember where she parked her car, so we borrowed a golf cart and drove around dozens of rows of vehicles, pressing the car alarm until we found it…


    Comment by Darcey on June 12, 2014
  4. OMG! That’s scary! So glad everything turned out for the best! WHEW!

    This wouldn’t happen if you had a normal mailbox attached to/near your house like normal.


    Comment by Kristabella on June 12, 2014

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