December 7 11

When actors  (or Stewart and Colbert) break character.

White-framed sunglasses.

Discovering great new music.

The movie Chances Are. I can’t explain it either.

Arrested Development.

Sweet and salty.

Hey Girl.

Rachel Bilson’s hair.

Smelling like baked goods.

Pregnant relatives.

JBrand super skinnies.

Knowing who Pitbull is.

Read My Lips tea in the afternoon.

Kate Spade.

Self-serve frozen yogurt.

Adding random Yiddish words to my lexicon.

Jonah Hill.

When my kids randomly quote movies. I have taught them well, it seems. 

Frances McDormand.

Sad Dawson.

James Van Der Beek ON Sad Dawson.

Isabella’s French counting. (Spoiler alert: 4 sounds an awful lot like ketchup)

Tic Tacs.

Cereal for dinner.

An Irish accent.

Staying in bed until 10am on Saturdays.

A full tank of gas…that I didn’t have to fill.

Holiday cups.

Chocolate Chex.



An Oxford comma.

Sweet Potato Fries.

That scene in Match Point.

That scene in Some Kind of Wonderful.

That scene in Almost Famous.

Finishing a great book.


  1. You should add FINALLY knowing who Pitbull is. :)

    I love when comedians laugh at their own stuff.


    ali replied on

    The Pitbull one is in there JUST for you. Heh.

    Also, yes. Especially when they are trying so hard NOT to. Love it.


    Nenette replied on

    That’s one of the many reasons why I LOVED watching Harvey Korman on the old Carol Burnett Show! Watching him struggle not to laugh at Tim Conway made it even funnier. I don’t think he ever did one show where he didn’t laugh.


    Comment by Kristabella on December 7, 2011
  2. Wait. Can we talk about self-serve frozen yogurt for a second? There is a Menchie’s about a 10 min walk from our house. We went once and it was ok but all of those toppings out in the open really, really terrified the germaphobe who lives very comfortably in me. Many patrons of that fine establishment took the serving utensils as a suggestion only, and there was plenty of smartie-grabbing and skittles-snatching by people; with their bare hands!!! Ewwww. In theory a great idea but I just can’t stomach the thought of embellishing my frozen yogurt with potentially compromised toppings. I am SO SORRY if I burst your bubble…did I? Or do you bring your own toppings? Or maybe there is a self-serve frozen yogurt place that you go to that has its toppings more, um, under wraps?


    Comment by Jen on December 7, 2011
  3. I love you just for the redheads comment.


    Comment by Avitable on December 7, 2011
  4. Redheads are my very favorite.


    And the Oxford comma? I LOVE IT.


    Comment by Mrs. Wilson on December 7, 2011
  5. Which scene in Almost Famous? There are so many!


    Comment by Hockeymandad on December 7, 2011
  6. mmmm, Read My Lips tea…just reading that sends me to a happy place. It’s also the tea I share and subsequently get people addicted to Davids. :)


    Comment by Amanda on December 7, 2011
  7. The scene when he finally gets it – that Watts is the ONE?
    That scene?


    Comment by Pgoodness on December 7, 2011
  8. Time.
    Time for my family. Time for me. Time for my friends. Time to do absolutely nothing. Or something.


    Comment by Sharon on December 8, 2011
  9. I LOVE when comedians crack up. Craig Ferguson is my favorite. :)


    Comment by Angella on December 8, 2011
  10. When Watts is sitting on the counter and they are practicing the kiss??? Now I need to find my VHS tape. And a VHS. Best kiss scene EVER!


    Comment by Ryan on December 8, 2011

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