March 3 08

Let me tell you, I was tingling with excitement when Ali asked me to write a guest post while she’s off getting drunk and eating her face off in St Lucia.  I’m not sure why she thought of me, besides the fact that I pretty much just plain asked her, but I’m honoured.

You see, I can’t think of anyone more suited to sub in for the illustrious and gorgeous Ali. We have a tonne in common. In fact, we’re soul mates.

Ali is American by birth.  I’m Canadian by birth.  Oh wait, that’s not the same at all.

Ali has three children.  I have four.  Actually, besides having more kids than we know what to do with, I have one more and thus no self control.  That’s not the same either.

Ali works for an awesome company that makes working on the set of High School Musical look like selling office supplies.  I work at the Post Office.  Huh? Well, I guess that’s not right.

Ali lives and works in the fabulous and bustling city of Toronto – on the edge of Canadian culture and fashion.  I live on a farm in the tiny town of of Almonte, Ontario where our biggest claim to fame is that the inventor of basketball was born up the road.

Wow.  I guess we’re not the best match on paper.  But that’s fine. I’ll continue.

The best part about a guest post is that I can maintain a decent amount of anonymity here.   I’ll surely direct any of my readers here to read and discuss, but in the future it’s mostly unlikely that the subject of my post will find this.

Over at my place, the main subject is, like most other ”Mommy Bloggers”, my kids.   Like I said, we have four children. Three girls and one very active and basically insane little boy.  Our oldest is a girl, in her twelth year.  Not only is she tall, gorgeous and athletic, but she’s just on the cusp of all those things that make twelve years old awful and amazing.  Pretty soon, things are going to start happening for her.  Puberty, boys, friends, drama.  Stuff that I’ll want to share and write about as a release, because that’s what I do to work things out. Write.

However, it’s occured to me recently that she might not want me to share all this stuff with you, dear internet.  Just like any girl her age, she’d probably prefer that I zip it.  If my own upbringing is any indication, and I’m thinking of the time my mother basically took out a personal ad when I started my period, she’ll be mortified if she finds out I’ve been blogging about whether or not she is ready for a bra.

She’s a relatively easy-going and level-headed girl, but she’s still only eleven. We all know what happens to a girl when she hits about twelve or thirteen. They basically lose all reason for about four to five years.   I think her privacy, and the privacy of her sisters after her, is probably going to be something she takes very seriously.

Until now, my blog posts have features funny anecdotes about wiping asses, what I’ve made for dinner and how my kids have reacted to me going back to work.  Still though, I’ve occasionally blogged about their state of mind, their inner turmoils and some of their struggles or triumphs.  Nothing like what will be headed our way though.   I think I might have to reign it in.

I’m sure I’ll find a whole bunch of things to write about.  Like the state of Chelsia’s eyebrows from Big Brother 9 (I’m obsessed with how insanely plucked they are!).  Or keeping watch on Angelina’s adorable baby bump. (I look like that after eating one taco too many!).

I’m curious.  What are your guidelines for blogging about your older children?  Do you draw the line somewhere?  Or is it something you haven’t really thought about?  At some point the children of Mommy Bloggers might find these blogs, no? 


If you want to see how this all pans out and how much I do share, feel free to stop by at Bread Crumbs In The Butter.  Thanks, Ali!

  1. Hi Chantal! Good job!
    I worry a lot about blogging about my kids, too. I try to avoid any topics that they might potentially find embarrassing – but remembering my teen years, that would be any topic at all, basically. Lucky for me, my oldest is going to be 9 and I still have a while to blithely write without worrying TOO much.

    Rebecca’s last blog post..A dull and dreary dismal day


    Comment by Rebecca on March 3, 2008
  2. I guess we have to deal with it on a situation-by-situation basis… as with most things, time will tell! :)

    Holly’s last blog post..A Whole New World


    Comment by Holly on March 3, 2008
  3. I hardly ever blog about the older two, not that I love them any less, but I think they would die if any of their friends found it, The littlest I blog about non-stop she isn’t old enough to care or yell at me if I write about something totally embarassing :)

    mamma knows’s last blog post..our newest family member


    Comment by mamma knows on March 3, 2008
  4. er embarrassing, I shouldn’t be allowed to comment with a toddler on my lap, lol

    mamma knows’s last blog time


    Comment by mamma knows on March 3, 2008
  5. I’m notorious for blogging whatever I want. The girls (15,14, 11 and 9) all know that I blog, the older ones read it sometimes, and that any random act of stupidity or moment of hilarity will be posted on my blog. My 15 year old breaks my heart during her walk through life and I blog about it, send her to read it and she respects what I have to say and mostly the response that people give her, the advice and the stories they share with her. She sometimes tells me, “Yeah, one of your readers said that happened to her.”

    When I say I have THEE BEST OF THE INTERNET when it comes to Readers, I am not kidding.

    Kristine’s last blog post..Similar


    Comment by Kristine on March 3, 2008
  6. I am about to become a regular blogger for the newspaper in my area. I told my daughter I would use an alias if she wanted me to. Surprisingly, she said she was fine with me using her name!!!

    My kids love Thursday Thirteen and often suggest ideas. My son actually wrote mine last week…13 things that are awesome about my Mom…of course, he was trying to suck up to get out of grounding, but I’ll take praise where I can get it.

    Di’s last blog post..Verbiation


    Comment by Di on March 3, 2008
  7. My oldest is five and I already find myself keeping a little quiet about him. Kids are cruel, and I don’t want stuff to haunt him.

    But funny stuff? Or triumphs? You better believe I will share them :)

    (Well done on your guest post!)

    Angella’s last blog post..Saucy Frocks Giveaway


    Comment by Angella on March 4, 2008
  8. Great post today BreadCrumbs… Ali would be proud of your guest posting! I have a sixteen year old daughter and I blog about her a lot but she’s a pretty free spirit and very open minded so she doesn’t mind that I do. I also blog very openly and sometimes pretty graphically about my own life (ALL aspects of it) and she (and her twenty year old brother) don’t have any problems with that either. They both read my blog and even send their friends there… despite reading and thus knowing, about exactly what their mom does on Friday nights when she kicks them out of the apartment.

    jasmine’s last blog post..Confessions of a weekend weirdo


    Comment by jasmine on March 4, 2008
  9. So far, my kids don’t mind what I’ve written about them. I don’t think any of their friends read blogs, or have any clue that I write, so it’s not impacting them, so far. My oldest is 14, and is a very mature child…she reads my blog occassionally. I can see her blogging some day soon…

    Laura’s last blog post..And so it begins….


    Comment by Laura on March 4, 2008

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