October 1 07

my mom is coming in this morning. for a week. apparently, according to my friends, i’m off my game. at least that’s what they said last night.

because i seemed to have upset, oh, just about everyone.

first it was the restaurant. the first one was a bust, it was lined up out the door and around the block. the second one was a bust because I walked in and knew right away that i wouldn’t be able to eat in there. the smell. the smell. it was a cross between feta cheese and vomit. (but it wasn’t just me…everyone else smelled it too…) so, we left, and went to a third restaurant.

and it wasn’t really that i was ornery, per se, or on-edge even, but usually i’m a “not upset the herd” type and i keep my strong opinions to myself. i don’t like to ruffle feathers. and i’m certainly not a shit disturber. i leave that to the husband. shit disturber extraordinaire.

but i may have rocked the boat because i may or may not have told a friend that his first-born may or may not be a genius.

(to be fair…i take issue with parents who say that their child is a) the most beautiful child in the world or b) the smartest child in the world. it’s okay to think it. it’s not okay to tell random people.)

but i swear, i wasn’t “off my game”.

oh, but i may have rocked the boat because i may or may not have told my friends that i may or may not have liked their movie choice…

i love to spend time with my friends. I really am up for just about anything anyone wants to do. you want to sit at home in pajamas and rent a movie? i’m game. you want to go downtown and get dressed up nice and do something fun? i’m game. you want to go to Canada’s Wonderland? sure. hell, i’ll even go to Chuck E. Cheese if that’s what you want.

(and for the record, i’ve wanted to go bowling for about 6 months…and no one will go bowling with me. damnit)

so…i got dragged to see THE WORST MOVIE EVER MADE

but i didn’t really care….because a) i just wanted to spend time with my friends and b)that’s what they wanted to do

but it really was an abomination. when the best part of a movie is Amy Poehler’s one-liners….you know you’re in trouble. and if i hadn’t liked my friends so much i would have walked out to go see Eastern Promises…which is what I really wanted to see.

but i’ve since learned my lesson.

don’t ruffle feathers. it’s not worth it. i’m going to go back to leaving the opinionating to the husband. :)

also? anyone want to go bowling?

(but it has to wait until next week. my parents are here this week.)

come on over and say hi at Fabulous today…where we are discussing my support of the rabid:

  1. I thought that movie looked like it would fit in the “waste of time” catagory.
    I will bowl. Why doesn’t anyone want to bowl? I love bowling! that’s crazy!


    Comment by misty on October 1, 2007
  2. Oh you poor poor girl. Mr Woodcock? That would push me right to the edge of my willingness to play along. Nope, actually it would push me right over.

    And I’ll bowl with you! Next week, after the in-laws have made their visit (hmm… perhaps we could hook up your parents with my in-laws?) :)


    Comment by b*babbler on October 1, 2007
  3. i came oh-so-close to pissing myself when they broken out those Rabid bracelets on the Office. Wow. I love that show.


    Comment by manda on October 1, 2007
  4. You should have gone to the fair. It was a lot more fun (and they had donuts!)


    Comment by SciFi Dad on October 1, 2007
  5. people who think their kids are special (other than to them) bug me too.


    Comment by lisa b on October 3, 2007
  6. Oh man. I saw that with my brother becuase the 16th was my b-day so he took me to the movies. What a waste of time! That’s an hour and a half I’ll never get back!


    Comment by Ruby on October 4, 2007
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