February 9 07

hey jude… (anyone know what movie this is from???? there will be prizes, i promise.)

anyway, since today is the husband’s birthday (happy 32nd, baby) i decided i wouldn’t talk about how i didn’t get to watch a single show last night because he got his beloved xbox back and was online all night playing hockey with his friends. um, yeah, we won’t talk about all the shows i missed….

i guess it was my own fault…i was at haley-o’s until after 10 having a meeting girls night in with miss haley-o and miss jenn from urbanmoms. it was a great night, actually, except for the cat hair i came home covered in. kidding, of course. we dished about celebrities (holy shit, can you believe that Anna Nicole Smith died??!! and seriously, what on earth are Dakota Fanning’s parents thinking. i mean, the girl is TWELVE. this rape thing shouldn’t be legal.) we dished about Beth’s post about the little people camel-toe…and we even checked out the monkey’s little people, just to be sure. we dished about the hilarities that come out of my children’s mouths. i’ve got a new one for you today:

husband: Josh, please don’t knee me in the balls, thanks.

emily, giggling: Daddy, what are balls? (giggle, giggle)

husband: they are the things underneath your penis.

josh: no, Daddy, those aren’t balls. they are poisonous beans.

um, what??!! who has been feeding this child his information??!!

oh…and just a head’s up….expect BIG things from urbanmoms, folks. big things! it’s gonna be YUGE! if you aren’t already a member, head on over there and sign up. it’s free. and who doesn’t like free stuff???!

anyway, i got home, and got all huffy and got into bed. and then i got the call. my sister met Nigel Barker! and she didn’t just meet him, oh no, she had a party that he came to. please tell me you know who he is!! america’s next top model?!! can you just die??? i mean, i thought my sister was awesome before…

she called me from the cab on her way home. she knew that i’d appreciate her story. and i soooo did, even if i was jealous as hell. she said he’s super, super tall. and was a little british-sleazy to some of the women there (think Hugh Grant.) i definitely live in the wrong city….


  1. That’s from 16 candles! One of my faves!!!

    Nigel Barker is frickin’ gorgeous!


    Comment by Janet a.k.a Wonder Mom on February 9, 2007
  2. All I can say is, you picked the wrong night to miss Grey’s … it was AWESOME!! (I’m sure you taped it so not giving anything away…)


    Comment by Sarah on February 9, 2007
  3. yes, no worries, everything is waiting patiently on my pvr…it may be the first thing i do when i get home!!


    Comment by ali on February 9, 2007
  4. WOW! Nigel Barker is HAWT! I used to watch ANTM all the time and always crushed on him. Sweet Lawd!


    Comment by Karen Rani on February 9, 2007
  5. it definitely should be the first thing you watch… certainly before Survivor (which I am certain you also pvr-ed)


    Comment by Jeff on February 9, 2007
  6. I’d sign up but…I’m not an urban mom. Or a mom at all.

    Don’t come over to my site if you don’t want to see some Grey’s scoop…


    Comment by Stacy on February 9, 2007
  7. Nigel Barker was at your sister’s party?? Are you serious?? HE is the REASON I watch NTM!! That rocks!


    Comment by nicole on February 9, 2007
  8. poisonous beans!!!!!???? WTF!!!??? That’s freaking hilarious!!!! I love it!

    Nigel Barker!!!!!!! How cool is that!? Jealous much…. What was he doing at her party! Inquiring gossips need to know. Did she get pics that we can put up at Urbanmoms!!!??? ;)


    Comment by Haley-O on February 9, 2007
  9. Poisonous beans. That’s what I’m telling my daughters, certainly.
    Grey’s Anatomy was so stressful last night that I ended up going into the other room and having my husband yell in what was happening.


    Comment by Rebecca on February 9, 2007
  10. OMG! Nigel Barker?! He’s sooo yummy!! I always he was gay but he’s married to this exotic model. I’m double jealous too!!

    And poisonous beans? Yeah, they can be!!


    Comment by Waya on February 9, 2007
  11. I just heard about that Dakota Fanning movie. I always wonder what the parents are thinking when they let their kids act in any movie where they are killed or screaming all the time. Just can’t see exposing my kid to that.

    Love the term “british-sleazy”… will be stealing that at some point!


    Comment by LoriD on February 9, 2007
  12. And…. were J.’s Little People camel toed, or is it just me?


    Comment by Beth on February 9, 2007
  13. L.O.V.E. Nigel…rrrrrrrrrrrrr.


    Comment by Jen on February 9, 2007
  14. I’m addicted to ANTM, and now I’m extremely jealous of your sister.


    Comment by thethinker on February 10, 2007
  15. Dear Gawd!! I want to be best friends with your sister!!! Nigel Barker…yummm.


    Comment by Rachel on February 11, 2007
  16. Happy birthday to your man!


    Comment by anne/crazymumma on February 11, 2007
  17. Well, as Dakota said, “It’s just acting.” And Grey’s? Good episode.


    Comment by Chris on February 12, 2007
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