February 8 07

while i do believe that the phrase ‘jumped the shark’ may have actually done a little shark-jumping itself, it is still a useful way to describe shows that need.to.be.taken.off.the.air. yesterday.

1. America’s Got Talent – had potential. good host, a panel of c-list celebrities. i watched the first few episodes…but had to drop this. terrible. Regis should stick to his day job.

2. Smallville – this show was great in the beginning. great premise. gorgeous people to look at. the husband and i watched this religiously. but then too many people started dying…i mean, you lose a student every week and you would think someone would get suspicious…

3. Deal or No Deal – i admit it. i loved this in the beginning. even if it was 100% all about math and we knew what the banker was going to offer before he did. but it was fun. and i like Howie Mandel. but, i’m so over this.

4. CSI: Miami – CSI, even CSI: NY i can handle (because i have a less than normal attraction to Gary Sinise) but CSI: Miami has GOT to go. David Caruso? seriously?!?

5. My Name is Earl – amazing show. loved it. i love Jason Lee. and not only because people think he looks like the husband…in his Brodie and Banky days, not the earl days. but, it’s just lost it for me. maybe it just got too repetitive?

6. Desperate Housewives – after a kick-ass first season, there was just no way to keep up with it, and it lost it. i stopped watching after the third episode of season 2.

7. Supernatural – had lots of Roswell-like potential. spookiness. two hot guys certainly helped. but…it just sort of lost it on me…

8. Trading Spouses/Wife Swap – idea – completely hilarious. first two shows – great. after that….not so much.

9. Six Degrees – i was so looking forward to this show. Jay Hernandez? Campbell Scott? so much potential…but an absolute, total flop in my opinion. it was torture to watch.

10. ER – this one jumped the shark – for me, at least – right after Mark Green died. it totally lost me when Carter went to Africa and brought home a pregnant wife…or something…i wasn’t watching at that point anymore. i will give it props for bringing in two easy-on-the-eye men (Shane West and Uncle Jesse)…but it still didn’t draw me back in.

11. Gilmore Girls – this was one of my favorites. i loved the fast-paced, smart dialogue between Rory and Lorelai…but now…even since Lorelai married Chris (seriously, what the hell?) i can’t stand to listen to any of it. i want to punch Rory when she starts ranting for 20 minutes about jass music.

12. 7th Heaven – seriously, can we just put this one out of its misery already? it was a cute show, 100 years ago when they were actually a family with 7 kids…now all those kids are gone, except for, what, like, 1?

13. The Apprentice – i thought moving the show to LA might change it up a little bit…but i’m just over it. i’d rather make room for reality shows that i really like…american idol, amazing race and survivor.

what about you? shows you really want them to take off the air???

  1. I do agree with some of those! They keep shows on way too long. But I still watch some (CSI, ER, Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives).

    My Thirteen is up too!

    Comment by Green Eyed Girl on February 8, 2007
  2. I like Watching CSI Miami but lately I have noticed that the plots are getting lousier. Hubby & I get a kick though from watching David Carusso take off his sunglasses. =)) Very predictable move.
    Smallville, I didn’t like the Lana since the very beginning. Her acting is just too cutesy- cutesy.
    I’m all for taking off Jerry Springer off the air! (or is it already?) Just too gross for Tv!

    Comment by Gina on February 8, 2007
  3. Good list. I don’t watch a lot of those, but I have to comment on The Apprentice and Gilmore Girls. I LOVED the Apprentice, but I can’t stand Trump after that whole Rosie thing (arrogant ass), so I haven’t watched even one episode. And Gilmore Girls… they jumped the shark the second time Rory and Lorelai had a big fight where they didn’t speak to each other for months. Hate.it.

    Comment by LoriD on February 8, 2007
  4. Yeah, E.R. I was done with that show maybe six years ago.

    Gilmore girls is just crazy stupid now, can’t stand it anymore.

    I think Survivor should be over and out and done. I watched that show religiously until 2003/2004.

    7th Heaven is so over. I don’t know how they can still go on.

    Good list!

    Comment by Tamsen on February 8, 2007
  5. well 2 of those shows i watch all the time.and 2 of them i watch every once in awhile.there is so much crap on tv i wouldn’t know where to start.

    Comment by LAVENDULA on February 8, 2007
  6. I agree with everything on your list except…..CSI: Miami. I know the whole show is cheesy and David Caruso is a terrible actor, but that’s what makes the show so amusing. I just love to loathe him and his sunglasses! It’s an hour of total cheesy fun!!!

    Great list! Jessica

    Comment by Jessica The Rock Chick on February 8, 2007
  7. I love My Name is Earl…Earl and The Office are my Thursday night appointments. For me…..Earl is still so funny…and no where near jumping a shark.

    I think the Apprentice is horrible now too…but only because I have begun hating Donald Trump with a passion!!!

    Comment by Shelley on February 8, 2007
  8. Yep, I totally agree on alot of those. I hardly watch any TV because everything is just …. a snooze!

    Comment by Carrie on February 8, 2007
  9. haven’t watched ER since they killed off Anthony Edwards. the one eposide i caught after that, Romano got his arm chopped off & that was the end of that. i do have to say that only the original CSI really is that good — although between the two spin-offs, i will take Miami over NY, since Miami is bright & colorful. NY is so dreary. i know that Vegas is dark too but they at least have all that neon to light things up. other than those two shows, i can safely say i haven’t seen a single other show on your list! i am a picky tv viewer though. i only watch Grey’s and Boston Legal.

    happy T13!

    Comment by Dawn on February 8, 2007
  10. I’m with you on Desperate Housewives and The Apprentice (The living outside thing did it for me . .. that’s not reasonable, rational or humane. I would have left). ER has had a renaissance this season and is much better. The other show that jumped the shark big time this year was Nip/Tuck. What were they thinking?

    Comment by JHS on February 8, 2007
  11. Er lost me at the same time, and good god what happened to Gilmore Girls??
    CSI Miami was awful from the start, yet I watched it because there was nothing else on, thank goodness for TiVo. And as for Sinise, I can understand the crush.

    Comment by Sparky Duck on February 8, 2007
  12. I thought Six Degrees was a great show until they canceled it out of the blue! I’m so there with you on the David Caruso. OMG! The guy can’t act to save his life. The hubbie and I always make sure of his one liner at the beginning of the show like “Frank, let’s do it!” Or something really lam-o.

    And as for Gilmore Girls! Man, you’re right on about Chris. My hubbie and I were like “leave already!”

    Comment by Waya on February 8, 2007
  13. I kinda like CSI, even Miami! 😉 I don’t know all of the series on your list, but I can agree with you on several shows.
    My TT is about support this week.

    Comment by Tink on February 8, 2007
  14. NOOOOOOOOO…My Name Is Earl has *not* jumped the shark!

    But, Survivor has…so much so I didn’t even know a new season starts tonight until, well, this morning.

    Comment by Stacy on February 8, 2007
  15. Ok, the guy in the picture with Regis? Yeah, we saw that show, that guy, and my son (13) looked at me and asked me “Mom, is that guy wearing lipstick?” and I looked at him and said “You’re looking at that and you only have a problem with the lipstick?”

    My TT is up. Happy TT

    Comment by beckyd on February 8, 2007
  16. You know, the only one of those I’ve seen is Earl, and I still like Earl. Mainly because it is on before the Office, with my husband, Jim.

    Comment by Rebecca on February 8, 2007
  17. Excellent list – I have to admit that some of those (like 1 – 4 and 7 – 10, 12, 13) I NEVER got into, and the only one that interested me past the first season was Gilmore Girls. That one has definitely jumped the shark, and I’m sorry to see the strong quirky female leads being turned into guy satellites who spend all their time on the “will he, won’t he, do I or don’t I?” nonsense. I’m one episode away from calling it quits.

    Comment by Cin on February 8, 2007
  18. The O.C! I’m getting my wish too.

    Comment by metro mama on February 8, 2007
  19. I like a few that you can’t stand. I am tired of hearing about Grey’s Anatomy. So I would like the end of that one to come just so I don’t have to hear about it. Hee Hee

    Comment by nicole on February 8, 2007
  20. You are sooo right on ALL counts. The only part of The Apprentice that keeps my attention for more than 5 seconds is the Boardroom — because it’s still hilarious. Can’t watch Desperate Housewives, although my mom loves it still….

    Comment by Haley-O on February 8, 2007
  21. I LOVE ER and have never missed an episode. We can’t be friends now. Damn. I really like you too. Gimmie a day or two, I’ll get over it.

    Plus I have never missed DHB (Desperate Housebitches) – love that one.

    My all time fave is House. That show ROCKS.

    Comment by Karen on February 8, 2007
  22. mr mumma teases me about my addiction to CSI Miami, he even does a fair imitation of David Caruso thats busts a gut.

    I somehow knew you might get sick.I hope this particular scourge does not hit your kids. Hope you feel better, mr mumma is down with it now. sigh. better haul out the bleach again…

    Comment by anne/crazymumma on February 8, 2007
  23. I mean I thought you might get sick because you mentioned that your husband got sick the day after superbowl…

    Comment by anne/crazymumma on February 8, 2007
  24. Oh, I’m with you on all of these. I didn’t even know ER and 7th Heaven were still on. My blogging is going to take quite a hit since “Lost” and “Survivor” are back. Not to mention “24”. I really should get a life…….

    Comment by Fiddledeedee (It Coulda Been Worse) on February 8, 2007
  25. Ok, I can say I don’t watch ANY of these..except ER. Sadly, yes, I am still a fan of that show. Have been since season 1. I’m committed I tell you. They’ve had some sucky seasons, but this one is actually pretty good. I get crap all the time for continuing to watch it…oh well. My blog is back up btw…just fyi. =)

    Comment by Anna on February 9, 2007
  26. I think I agree with all the ones I know about. But is there an anti-shark-jump category? For example, those that are in syndication that, no matter how many times you watche them, are still awesome and fresh. Right now Scrubs comes to mind. I have it set to record on my DVR at 7:30 and 11:00 and love to watch the episodes when I’m falling asleep or whatever.

    Comment by Di on February 9, 2007
  27. i totally agree about so many of those – especially the long-running dinosaurs that apparently people somewhere for some reason are still watching – ER.

    I did like 6 degrees, I kept waiting for it to get better, but alas, it just got axed.

    Comment by Rebecca on February 9, 2007
  28. Ok…my blog is REALLY working this time. I’m smart like that.

    Comment by Anna on February 9, 2007
  29. why can’t i comment on todays? (friday)
    p.s. i hate david caruso on csi: miami – have you seen the youtube montage? so funny!

    (can u tell i’m typing 1 handed?)

    Comment by Christine on February 9, 2007
  30. I agree wholeheartedly with each and every one of those.

    Comment by Audrey on February 9, 2007
  31. As much as it pains me to say, I’ve gotten really disinterested in House lately. And I’m a total Lost fan but I do operate under the assumption that that’s jumped the shark as well.

    Comment by Chris on February 12, 2007
  32. Seventh Heaven is still on?!? And I totally hear you about Gilmore Girls and ER, though I only gave up ER this season…

    Comment by cinnamon gurl on February 12, 2007
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