May 3 06

~okay…so, Taylor Hicks has completely jumped the shark for me. that’s it.
~and Katharine humps the floor in a Kellie Pickler shout-out. yikes. at least now we won’t all be talking about her wardrobe malfunction anymore…
~Chris. is. sex. i don’t think i can stress enough how badly i want this man. he’s still hot even with the cheesy flames behind him.
~the beatles are not current. that was cheating in a big, big way.
~overall, kind of just a “meh” night, considering it’s the final 5…
~what was all that Simon and Kat confusion? it sounded like he said it was one of her best performances? and then said it wasn’t?
~i think the bottom 2 will be Elliot and Paris…but it should be Taylor and Paris. buh-bye Paris.


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