May 19 05

Okay, so i’ve been trying to read the English Patient for quite some time now, and i’m only about 150 pages in. (granted, i did put it down to read The Rule of Four)

i’m usually a quick reader so this is really pissing me off. and i appreciate good works of literature. i just don’t get this book. and i can’t get into it.

i find it extremely slow.
i find it extremely boring.
i can’t get into any of the characters.
it’s killing me.

i had to read the part about the sapper, Kip, showing up about 6 times. i couldn’t figure out if it was really happening, if it was a dream, if it was in the past. Michael Ondaatje is trying to be poetic and lyrical, but instead, he’s boring and confusing.

the truth is, i’m just beginning to read about the second story – about the English patient before he was burned. so, there’s still hope that this will be better than the first story.

perhaps i should just rent the movie to find out how it ends.


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