February 8 05

Ha! Something to make you laugh… Hayden’s, of Hayden and Aaron fame, full name is Hayden Kristianson….not to be confused with Darth Vader in the Star Wars movies….Hayden Christensen.

  1. The comparison is uncanny…
    Both play Dark Lords of the Sith: masters of the dark side of the Force whose anger is fueled by rage and discontent. Both hellbent on imposing their wicked ways on those nearest & dearest to them. We can hope that Aaron, like Luke, will refuse to succumb to the dark side & that unlike Luke he doesn’t lose a hand in the process…

    Comment by Giblet on February 8, 2005
  2. Damnit…. he did succumb to the dark side!
    Although in an ironic twist he didn’t lose a hand but rather asked for hers in marriage…

    Comment by Giblet on February 9, 2005
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