November 4 04

So, last night, I went to see the play, Forever Tango. We got free tickets from my friend Michelle’s mom, so, without any of the four of us having ANY clue what we were going to see, we ventured downtown last night.

We left quite early, and it’s a good thing we did, because we went held up for 2 reasons. The first was the ass in the pacifica. She was driving in the right-hand lane, that she knew was about to end, and tried to weasel her way in in front of Michelle. Michelle, who stood her ground, did not let the bugger in. Go Mich! But, the lady wanted revenge, so she drove up really quickly behind us and then cut Michelle off! The nerve! What a rudey-pattotie! And then there was the old man with the cane walking down the middle of Spadina, completely oblivious to everything around him, including the traffic. So, Mich slammed on the brakes and we waited for the man to reach the other side safely. CRAZY

Well, that was the most entertaining thing about the evening. The play, turned out to be a bunch of people dancing the tango. and that was it. no plot. no story. no singing. JUST DANCING. we left at intermission and headed for second cup.

We had a lot of fun – – even if the play was crap. Because at the end of the day, free tickets are free tickets!!!


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