February 1 05

so…my little muffin has scarlet fever.
yes, that’s right. scarlet fever.
yesterday, when she woke up with bumps on her tongue, i knew it was time to get to the peditrician…

the worst part is not that she has this, but that we have to get her to take antibiotics. my daughter has an aversion to medicine. even this banana kind that every kid (supposedly) loves.

so, the first dose took me about an hour to get into her. i put it straight into her mouth, didn’t try to sugar coat it at all. she gagged several times, but managed to get it down.

now, the biggest mistake with the second dose was that i allowed my nanny to give it to her. (i needed to get out of my house last night so i went to see Sideways with Sharon. it was good, not fantastic, but good.) i put it into chocolate milk because i thought that would make it easier for Jhoanne. Emily threw this up. terrific. so jhoanne gave her another dose (now, i have no clue is jhoanne gave her the right amount of medicine. i really wish she would have called me…).

this morning’s dose was not an easy one either. i put in into chocolate pudding and dropped some m&m’s inside. i thought, there’s no way she’ll puke this up. well, my estubborn daughter gagged on every bite – and it took 45 minutes to get her to eat something that she LIKED the taste of.

i am so NOT looking forward to the next 25 doses of this…


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