May 24 05

with things to blog about.

so many things happened over this weekend.
first of all, my entire family forgot to wish me a happy birthday. i felt like i was in a really twilight zone-y version of Sixteen Candles. no joke. everyone forgot and then they all left to go see Star Wars and called me at about 11 to apologize – my sister, my dad, my grandmother! sheesh.

went on a date with my hubby to see Star Wars. It was really awesome. i was not a fan of episodes 1 and 2. i thought the only good thing about them was Ewan McGreggor. but this one was fab. i did fall asleep for about 5 minutes though when they go to wookie-land (not sure what it’s called)…i’m such an old woman. i fell asleep!!! how embarrassing!

i did manage to see Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy.
Grey’s was good as always..but did anyone else catch that they said it was the season finale?? what? didn’t they just start? i want more!!! 4 episodes is NOT enough. ah…and Shepherd’s married?!! bloody typical. he and Meredith are way too adorable together and he has to go and have himself a wife. argh.

DH was insane. to say the least. Lynette got off too lightly. she totally wants to go back to work. that was an anticlimactic storyline, but i did think Tom was great. really great. Ha! i loved John coming in the courtroom, but i can’t believe that now Carlos knows!! crazy! Bree was fantastic as usual, but the poor thing. she didn’t even do it. mike is obviously creepy zach’s daddy. and it was too obvious that it was Mary-Alice who killed Deirdre and not Paul. but Paul did kill Mrs. Huber, so he’s clearly no saint. he should have died instead of Rex. Susan continues to bug.


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