August 20 04

Wow…i’m almost speechless. Almost.
I saw Sarah Mclachlan with my friend Sharon at the Molson Amphitheatre last night. Besides the fact that I hadn’t realized that this venue was OUTSIDE and froze my ass off, I enjoyed every single second of the show, from the opening act, Butterfly Boucher (which is, in fact, pronounced like voucher, not like Adam Sandler’s Bobby Bouch-ey), to the four-song encore at the end.
Sharon and I have been trying to see Sarah since I moved to Toronto in 1997. But, alas, we couldn’t make it to a few of them, and she hasn’t toured since 1999. She was so happy to be up on that stage, and it showed in her smile throughout the two- hour set.
She sang all my favorites – – “Hold On”, “Possession”, “Angel”, “Adia” – she did them all.
It did make me think of the old school and get all nostalgic. So…at this time I will take a moment to give a shout out to my friend Becca (who just had her second daughter, Maya, just over a month ago) who was the best roommate ever when we were in Israel for the year. My most vivid memories of that year always have “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy” playing on repeat in the background (or sometimes it’s counting crows…another fantastic album). Becca! I miss you!

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