November 8 05

i had a fairly good driving record.

one speeding ticket, and it was way back in 1995, when i had just gotten my license.
one accident, and it wasn’t my fault.

then, last year, i got into an accident in my father-in-law’s car. Seriously, could anything possibly be worse than that? well, it was my fault. and the lady i hit called the police. the cop took pity on me and told me that he had to charge me with something but if i showed up to court, he wouldn’t. really nice guy.

because it was a jewish holiday, i had to send my nanny in my stead to the hearing. as he promised, the kind policeman did not show up and my charge of careless driving (that i found out was 6 points!) was thrown out. thank goodness.

especially because then i went and got me a speeding ticket. cripes.
the cop, again, was really sweet and let me off with just a 40 dollar ticket. considering i was going 72 in a 40, i am considering myself lucky.

and i’m considering never driving again.
or at least starting to drive like my grandmother.

it’s karma, i’m thinking. for posting about driving.
karma, like Earl’s Carson Daly-esque karma. anyone watch that show? My Name is Earl? It’s pretty freakin’ funny, i tell you. and not because i dig Jason Lee, either. it’s actually funny.


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