July 18 05

and i’m going out the front door.

what movie?
Giblet, you are NOT allowed to answer.

hmmm…so, on my first day off, i took my kidlets to camp for the first time. let me tell you, it felt amazing! just being able to walk them into camp and kiss them goodbye! what a treat for me!

then i went to brunch with Tova – my other “on maternity leave as of friday” friend! then we went to babies r us to register. ah! that was so much fun. there’s NOTHING like that freedom to take that wand it your hand and just click, click, click on any product you want. it almost feels like you bought it.

i wasn’t going to register at all, since i do have 2 kids already and have most of the gear, but i figured it might help some people who are looking to get us something and don’t know what to get. it’s mostly smallish lamaze toys….LOVE THOSE. i had to throw out some of my baby toys since the boy was such a spitter….

and of course i stopped for my frap. had to.

then on to my nesting. first project. master bedroom. clean up the clutter.

all in all, it’s been a wonderful day. relaxing. i think a girl could get used to this.


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