July 5 05

don’t take your 4 and 2 year olds with you when you go.

okay…so, Ikea is a fantastic place. i could spend hours there just buying up all the little chotchkies (sp?) – tea lights and votives and funky napkins and cute little picture frames…i could go on and on…but, it just wasn’t that easy to do with my two animals.

all i heard the ENTIRE time was “i want to go play with the toys” that they saw at the front entrance. finally, we made it to the toys and…..drumroll please….the boy was too small. so, how could i let the girl go and deprive the boy? so, instead we all suffered – the girl, the boy, and I.

We did manage to buy furniture for the boy’s room – which was our entire reason for going, so at least we were successful. otherwise, i would have been truly peeved. It’s actually quite nice. Hemnes, it’s called. I’m very excited to finally set up his room.

we came home at 8:00, we put the kids to bed, and then i put myself to bed at 9:15. ah. it was wonderful. but yet, i still don’t feel rested. and i still feel the need to go back to Ikea. I’m not done with the place yet!


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