September 22 04

Making the Cut

There may be no NHL hockey right now, but my hubby and I have found some hockey to watch. The show, Making the Cut, is a behind-the-scenes look at the search for Canada’s best unsigned hockey players as they compete for one of six invitations to a Canadian NHL team training camp.

4,000 hopefuls showed up for initial skills contests in various locations across Canada. 68 were picked to attend training camp in BC. In the end, the six Canadian NHl teams will each draft a player.

Several of the prospects were fantastic, some were great, and some were just terrible. But their stories were all great. There were best friends, a player who was actually drafted but quit the game to focus on his ill son, there was a player who couldn’t play professional hockey because of a tumor, there were brothers, women, and fathers. It was terrific.

The Amazing Race

I could not have asked for a better ending to this show. There’s a reason that this show wins Emmys. It’s great. Chip and Kim were my favorites from early on – they were one of the only teams that actually had a great time playing the game, seeing the world, and spending time with each other. I was in tears when they crossed the finish line. okay, fine, I’m a bit of a sap, but come on, you have to admit, no one wanted Colin and Christie to win (although now I do fear for Christie’s life a little) or the “honk of you love Jesus” duo either.

Christie falling in the airport – made me laugh.
Nicole’s full-blown hyperventilating fit – made me laugh harder.

What a fantastic finish! kudos to Chip and Kim. and an extra round of applause for those bowling moms finishing 4th! They were awesome. I’m thoroughly impressed.

I still have yet to watch Gimore Girls and One Tree Hill – I taped them last night so i’ll hopefully get a chance to comment on them tomorrow.


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