May 1 06

~~Alex. Ass. That’s all I have to say about that.
~~McDreamy. Ass. Okay…I didn’t mind, and kind of actually liked, seeing Jealous McDreamy when he realized that Meredith was with McVet (giving a good McStare). but, I was totally creeped out by Jealous McDreamy when he decided to get back at Meredith by having hot sex with Addison. By the way, if you have to call it “hot sex” you know that it actually isn’t, right?
~~yay. George is home. He does the grown up thing for a change and the haircut is a definite improvement, but still not all that great. At least he doesn’t look like a hobbit anymore.
~~It was nice to see Meredith happy and smiling for a change.
~~anyone else have to close their eyes during the george and callie sex? Ew.
~~oh, lordy. I didn’t hate Denny tonight. I thought he was sweet when he was talking to Meredith. But I still find him and Izzie weird.
~~love love loved the espresso shot and donut scene. Loved it.
~~Burke and CRistina bored me to tears this episode. but i still heart them.

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