November 9 04

…as much as i wanted to hit this child at the bank!

I was standing in line and this mother was there with her two daughters – i’m guessing they were about 12 and 9. The older daughter was making a huge fuss, saying things like, “you promised we’d be home by 4, and look, it’s already 4:30. we are never going to get home. why couldn’t you just drop us off? I don’t have time for this! I have a music test tomorrow! I can’t believe you made us come here.”

The mom just smiled, and pretended that she didn’t know the child. (good for her – I’m sure she wished she didn’t know her. people were staring)

The younger daughter says, “Did you buy kiwis for us?”
Mom answers, “No! I’m so sorry, i forgot. I’ll pick them up tomorrrow.”
Rudey says, “See! She never buys anything good for us. She only thinks about herself and not us! You don’t care about us! I can’t believe you didn’t buy the kiwis!” at this point, she’s screaming and huffing and carrying on.

The mom is still smiling, but you can see that she’s getting agitated.

younger daughter chimes in, “it’s okay, Mommy, we can wait for the kiwis.”
Older daughter, “because you didn’t buy the kiwis, we are watching tv when we get home.”
Mom, “no, you are doing your homework when you get home, don’t you have a music test tomorrow?”
Rudey, “I’m doing my homework in front of the tv and i don’t care what you say about it! And I’m going to fail my music test of purpose and I’m going to blame it all on you because you made me stand for a hundred years in this bank, when i could be at home. I can’t believe you took us here.”

This is not a joke. This is exactly the way it went down.
I seriously wanted to turn around and give that girl a good punch in the face. But, i restrained myself. And felt pity for that mother, who probably wanted to do the exact same thing.

**** a little disclaimer for my dear readers. i have not ever, and would never, hit a child. ever. not my child. or anyone else’s child. this is meant to be funny.

  1. I often want to smack small children in public. I never had but Severely want to punch that girl. Grr.

    Comment by Some person on November 9, 2004
  2. WOW what a story!!!

    Comment by Super Nerd on November 9, 2004
  3. I’ve got no problem reprimanding other people’s children in public if their parent(s) don’t or won’t. While I would never hit someone else’s kid, if mine deserved a whack on the bottom (“That, was an attention getter.”) I wouldn’t hesitate. The girl in the bank obviously never had any boundaries set, or repercussions for bad behavior.

    Comment by Sean on November 9, 2004
  4. I don’t believe in hitting either, but many a time I have wished I did. When my toddler’s carrying on and on, sometimes I just want to toss her out a window! 🙂
    LOL! But I agree with Sean that if she’s behaving that way at 12 years old, her dear mother has created a monster.

    Comment by chisparoja on November 9, 2004
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