November 30 05

sadly, this show is just so over for me.
well, at least until they go back to normal. this season was so bad.

one good line last night: “It took me all of three strokes” “Yep, same as in bed.” love, love, love the linz family.

instead, i watched the biggest loser last night. wow. that’s just about all i can say. wow.

i guess i wasn’t at all surprised that Matt won. he lost a crapload of weight. but, man, his ears….ew. cauliflower-ific. but, i’m happy for him. and happy that he’s been sober for 9 months. that’s pretty amazing. and i didn’t like his friends. they were so obnoxious. toasting to the Biggest Loser or the biggest crybaby? harsh.

poor Seth is going to need some serious surgery to get rid of all the excess skin. i’m sure many of them will need it as well. definitely dr. jeff.

and poor girl-who-got-booted-in-week-2. only losing 16 pounds? that’s almost embarrassing.

i’m really impressed with this show. can’t wait for the next one.

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