May 8 06

okay, fine, not really, but he certainly doesn’t deserve his namesake anymore. i think McDouchbag or McBastard or McAsshat will do nicely, thank you very much. he’s got some nerve, that brain surgeon, some nerve.

on a lighter note, mmmm…Mcvet…swoon. i adore this man and hope that he and Meredith are nothing but happy and fall in love and birth ponies and make lovely little Mcbabies.

Callie? McPSYCHO. and she totally didn’t wash her hands. don’t believe her George! maybe the girls wouldn’t look at you like you were a rodent if you didn’t walk into the bathroom topless and PEE in front of them. ew.

ohh…i thought it was great. that scene with George and Meredith at the end. it was perfect.

big jim and harold (from harold and kumar…yes? it was him, right?) – love love loved it. cried like a big ole baby.

Denny’s death (and y’all know that it’s coming) is going to BREAK Izzy.

i love this show for making me laugh and cry all in the same minute.

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