March 8 05

the goods:
Anwar – oh yeah, baby, he’s just so good.
Nikko – he was amazing. i really enjoy him.

the mehs:
Anthony Federov – i actually enjoyed his performance, but he loses points because he picked a Marc Anthony song.
Bo – just a’ight with me. i love the song. but last year they talked about how over-sung it was.
Mario – nice. without the hat.

the bads:
Scott Savol – his “cool” moves scared me a little.
Travis – he’s adorable. but that’s about it. Bobby Brown? beatboxing? someone should tell him that it’s 2005.
Constantine – Simon hit it right on the head. it was a bad Sting impersonation.

  1. shhhhhhh… i didn’t see it yet…

    Comment by Giblet on March 8, 2005

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