April 11 05

Oh My Goodness!
This episode was AMAZING!

~ooh…John comes back. yay. and i’m looking forward to a “Who’s Your Daddy?” storyline.
~Okay, is Gabrielle just plain DUMB for telling Carlos that she knew about the offshore account???
~How much do i loathe Lynette. Okay, i don’t hit my kids either. but, she was nothing but obnoxious this week. She dumped her hellions on Bree. Good for her for putting the fear of…well…Bree into them. Someone needed to put those kids in their place just once.
~Susan’s storyline bores me to tears, yet again. and what on god’s green earth was she wearing in the kitchen? was it a sweater? whatever it was…it needs to be burned.
~Ha! When Mike said that Susan’s mother explained so much…i was thinking the exact same thing!
~So, Zach is Dana. Hmm…(Zach is Dana. Dana is Zach. Dana is a MAN…..anyone know the movie reference???)
~I love Bree. She OWNED the best line of the night. “He was right. I’ll be waiting in the car.”
~Did anyone else laugh in hysterics when Bree was staring at the picture of Andrew at the end?? no? it was just me? well, it certainly was FUNNY!


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