March 7 06

so, i work for this organization called Emunah Women. Well, i guess it’s not really working…i volunteer. It’s actually a really worthy cause that i’m proud to be a part of.

the problem?
it’s an organization that is run by women.
women who can’t seem to get a meeting, that should take no more than 30 minutes, finished in 2 hours.
women who can’t seem to use computers. they are running their databases in DOS. DOS people! I haven’t even seen DOS since i was about 8. they can’t seem to get their website updated (they’ve only been working on it for 7 months).
women who talk in circles.
women who can talk FOREVER and never say ANYTHING.

anyway, usually I lose my focus after about 20 minutes of the meeting.
usually I dread attending the meetings (unless i know 100% that Aimee’s going to be there…both for the comic relief and because she helps bring the average age down by about 10 years)
but last night…last night….ah!! i got the compliment of a lifetime.
“You remind me of Reese Witherspoon. In your mannerisms. The way you talk.”
ah! could there BE a better compliment than that? Reese Witherspoon is amazing. and now she’s an Academy Award winner!

the only time i’ve EVER been told that i look like anyone was when we were walking out of Spiderman and everyone we were with told me i’m a spitting image of Kirsten Dunst. okay, seriously, just because you have a big ole’ round head doesn’t mean you look like this. (crap…now that i look at that picture, i CAN kind of see it…holy crap..i look like Kirsten Dunst….)
oh, i lie. i’ve also been told that i look like Felicity and Nina from the Young and the Restless. good lord.

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